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l Complete the Administration graduate course
               at Seoul National  University
   2002 l Obtain a doctorate at Russian State University for
               Innovation Technology & Business
   1999 l Complete the Advanced Policy Program in graduate course of
              policy studies at Korea University
   1995 l Complete graduate course of law at Yonsei University
   1969 l Graduate from Chosun University. a B.S Degree of Electric


   2010 l Chairman Kim commissioned technical consultant by 
               Seoul Metro
   2007 l The Technology Consultant of Shenyang Metro co., Ltd
   2006 l The Advisory Professor of School of Computer and
               Information Technology of Beijing Jiatong University
   2004 l The Visiting Professor of the Institute of Asian and African
               Studies, Moscow State University
   2003 l The Present Chief Director of Korea measuring Instruments
               Research Association
   1986 l The President of Shalom Engineering Co., Ltd


                                                                2004 l
Development of An ATP-S System for improving a speed and 
                                                                            On-board Continental Train Control System (KSR) 
                                                                          l Continental Railway Vehicle Control Systems (The Administr-
                                                                            ation graduated course at Seoul National University)
                                                                2003 l A Study on Informative ATS for Speed Improvement and
                                                                            Increment of Track Capacity on Existing Line(KSR)
                                                                2002 l A study on the Simulation for Trans-European/ Russian
                                                                            Railways(Russian State University)
                                                                2000 l Q Factor Measurement System for a ATS Coil Using Digital
                                                                            Phase Locked Loop (KSR) 
                                                                1999 l A study on the Digital Video control system for train simulator
                                                                1998 l Measurement System of Pantograph Slider with Image
                                                                            Processing Profile Measurement System of Train Wheel
                                                                            with Image Processing (KSR)
                                                                1992 l A research under development of artificial intelligence
                                                                            A.T.C/A.T.S Combination system to prevent an electronic
                                                                            train from the collision accident as Kea-bong station
                                                                            in 1991. (Soongsil University)

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